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Mannequin Challenge Love Contest | Emerald Luxury Transportation

Have you been involved in a "Love" Mannequin Challenge? We are talking about showing love in a "paying it forward" aspect. If you haven't, this is your chance to get your group together and enter Emerald Luxury Transportation's "Love" Mannequin Challenge for a chance to win one of three prizes.

You could be the lucky winner of one (1) 3-hour party cruise in our Mercedes-Benz Luxury Coach, one (1) airport transfer service, two (2) tickets to see Ariana Grande on February 14, 2017.

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Memories On Wheels - Part 1: Volkswagen Days

Throughout the various stages of our lives, there is some form of transportation that plays a part in your life cycles. Whether it is your first Radio Flyer™ wagon, bike training wheels, the first date, or the first family car, you are bound to have a special memory. Freelance writer, Sherre Bishop shares a fun, nostalgic blog series about Memories On Wheels. Feel free to post your automobile memories. We’d love to hear them! Be sure to subscribe to our blog. Enjoy the series!

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Memories On Wheels Series

We regularly try to share useful information through our Facebook posts, our blog, and other social media platforms. This month, we’re sharing a fun 7-part series about memories of the wheels in your life. We’re talking cars, trucks, boats, bicycles, and more.

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Nashville Wild West Comedy Festival 2016

The month of May is supposed to be merry. There’s a song about it. But seriously. Whether you are merry or not, Nashville, Tennessee will take you there with a month-long marathon of laughter. It’s the Nashville Wild West Comdey Festival May 15-22. The comedy shows will take place at various locations around Nashville.

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What Does Mother's Day Mean To You?

A few days ago we celebrated “Take Your Child to Work Day.” But when it comes to family, the crème de la crème of holidays is Mother's Day.  It’s one of the heaviest travelled weekends, besides Easter and Christmas. Mother’s Day has been commercialized like all of the other holidays in an economic environment of all-about-the-moolah. Merchants make a mint off of selling gifts, cards, flowers, and special products packaged to target Mother’s Day gift shoppers.

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GETTING REAL: A TONGUE-IN-CHEEK for “Take Your Child to Work Day”

Welp. Here it is again. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th is “Take Your Child to Work Day.” It means the obvious—kids of all ages will be crawling around the office. NOT! It’s mostly pre-schoolers who will appear at the office. Besides, “the others” will be traipsing the landscapes of adventure in school for the most part. It’s not a happy day for those that do not have children. So here are a three rockstar tips to make this work for all concerned.

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7 Fun Facts About The Iroquois SteepleChase

What’s the Best Thing about the Iroquois Steeplechase?


It happens every year in Nashville, Tennessee on the second Saturday in May. It’s a well anticipated, rites of spring event. What’s the best thing about the Steeplechase? Well it depends on who you ask. The die-hard fans of the sport would say, “It’s all about the race!” The trailing spouses


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If You're Happy & You Know... Clap Your Hands

What is happiness? Finding the answer to that question was too “doggoned hard” for it to be such a simple question. We researched numerous sources and polled people from various walks of life. The common thread from all of the resources and the responses combined was complicated and simple all at the same time. In defining happiness, the simple side of our finding was that it depends on who you ask. The complicated finding is that the perspectives of participants were significantly impacted by factors like, values, religion, class, gender, race, income, education, general knowledge, knowledge gaps, etc. Even who their parents were and how they were brought up impacted responses. Here’s what surprised us.  


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9 Nashville Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day


 It's called Valentine’s Day. It's a sweet time of expressing love through the exchange of cards, flowers, and romantic nights-on-the-town. Just for you, here are 9 Valentine’s ideas for gift-giving in 2016. We even split the list for men and women. Plus, you can grab a free gift from this reliable Nashville limo service.

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Travel The Road To Happiness

What are some simple things that make you happy? Does a get-away and visiting new places make you happy? Guess what we did to cheer up a loved one, who was recuperating from illness? Our elderly aunt in Massachusetts was just getting back on her feet after a hospital stay.

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