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Memories On Wheels Series

We regularly try to share useful information through our Facebook posts, our blog, and other social media platforms. This month, we’re sharing a fun 7-part series about memories of the wheels in your life. We’re talking cars, trucks, boats, bicycles, and more.



More about the series . . .

Throughout the various stages of our lives, there is some form of transportation that played a part in your life cycles. Whether it was your first Radio Flyer™ wagon, bike training wheels, the first date, or the first family car. Maybe your father or an aunt changed cars every three years. There has to be a reader among you who knew someone with the lo-o-o-ng Cadillac with the bird wings!

Freelance writer, Sherre Bishop shares a fun, nostalgic blog about memories on wheels. The 7-part series features hilarious stories about how she and a cousin “accidentally” crashed a family’s quality time in a Volkswagen Van, the Roller Derby fad, decorating a wedding car, her brother’s mode of transportation for delivering groceries, and her diva “SPA-rty” in a limo. Feel free to post your memories on wheels. We’d love to hear them! Be sure to subscribe to our blog. Enjoy the series!


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